Customized Fitness Plans

With AI Guidance

Customized fitness plans
with AI guidance

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From digital gyms to personalized nutrition plans

Achieve your fitness goals and live your best life

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Exciting digital gyms and live classes

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Innovative system for achieving optimal
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Custom Diet Plan

Transform Your Health: Personalized Diet Plans Designed for You by WTF Experts for Optimal Wellness & Results Powered by GPT3 Artifical Intelligence

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AI Driven Gym

Transform your fitness journey with WTF's AI-driven gyms. Experience personalized workouts and track progress with ease

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Advance PT

Transform your fitness with WTF's 24/7 Advance Personal Training, tailored to your goals and progress with AI technology

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Digi Gym

Transform at home with WTF's DIGI Gym, AI-driven wellness & fitness solutions

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Fusion Class

Unleash Your Fitness Potential with WTF Fusion Classes- Fun, Effective & Personalized Workouts Guaranteed!


Fitty is an artificial intelligence bot developed by WTF to assist users with their wellness and fitness needs

  • 24/7 fitness companion, from gym to recovery
  • Personalizes your workout Plan
  • Customise your diet plan
  • Tracks your day to day Progress
Accomplish your goal in less time

Priority support in gym

Fixed slot training

Guaranteed results

Fitty access

Custom diet support

Exclusive WTF Rewards

Free 7 days trial
Gym with flexible pricing options

Opt for a fitness center that is suitable for your budget and fitness goals

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WTF Exclusive

WTF Super Trainers. Exclusive WTF Events and Challenges, WTF App support ,Access to WTF addons like Zumba, Dance, Yoga, and CrossFit training.

₹ 1150 / Month
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WTF Co-Branded

Specialized Trainers&Global Equipment, WTF App support,Access to WTF addons like Zumba, Dance, Yoga, and CrossFit training

₹ 999 / Month
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WTF Powered

WTF App support , Access to our WTF addon plans like - Zumba, Dance, Yoga, and CrossFit training.

₹ 899 / Month
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